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Modes Of Booking

  •     ◆   Paid : Where the consignor pays at the time of booking the consignment. The consignee doesn’t have to pay at the time of delivery.

        ◆   Topay : Where the consignor books the consignment without paying anything. The consignee would have to pay the freight charges at the time of delivery.

        ◆   Billing : This mode is given only to regular customers, where a bill containing the details of all the bookings made in a month is sent to them at the end of that particular month. Usually the credit period allowed is about 15 days from the date of submission of the bill.

Types of Delivery

  • There are 2 types of delivery. The type of delivery can be chosen at the time of booking the consignment. This can also be later on changed at the destination office, based on the consignee’s convenience.

        ◆   Office Delivery : Where the consignee comes to our nearest office and collects the consignment himself. No fee is collected if the consignee picks it up within 7 days from the date of arrival at the destination office. But after that, a nominal demurrage charge would be collected.

        ◆   Door Delivery : Where the consignment is delivered at Our Nearest office and Third party be engaged for local delviery like Auto, Van, Tata Ace, A nominal charge will be collected by them for this service, as the rate is not included in the basic freight.

Banned Goods

  • The following goods are banned for transportation, and they must not be booked under any circumstances.

        ◆   Rationed goods, Gas cylinders

        ◆   Sandal wood, Forest produce goods, Bones / Horns, Cardamom, Cloves, and other contraband goods

        ◆   Khanja, Liquor, Spirit, Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Oil, Acids

        ◆   Country drugs, Kadukkai, Jaggary

        ◆   RTX, Jellastin stick, Phosphorus, Uranium

        ◆   Crackers/ Explosives, Match boxes and other flammable goods

        ◆   Weapons, Bullets,Untanned Leather, Skins & Hides

        ◆   Dead bodies of Human beings and Animals

        ◆   Batteries (with Acid), Charcoal,

        ◆   Unpacked - Cinema Films, Cotton Bales, Dry Leaves, Woolen Goods.

        ◆   Currency Notes, Gold, Silver, Diamond and any valuable jewelry

        ◆   Any other goods banned by State and Central Government

Goods on Conditions

  • The following goods are booked for transportation with follwing conditions only.

        ◆   Bike : Packing should done FULLY to avoid Mirror and Headlight damage, Petrol should be drained and RC copy should be attached.

        ◆   Books : Only Paid

        ◆   Samples & Stones : Only Paid

GST Tax Details

  • The service tax norms for the transport industry is simplified as follows:

        ◆   GST tax is charged at 5% of the total freight for all the LRs with total more than Rs.750.

        ◆   GST will not be charged to those consignors or consignees who fall under the following category:

              ●   factories registered under factories act

              ●   companies established under companies act

              ●   corporation established under any law

              ●   society registered under societies registration act

              ●   cooperative society established under any law

              ●   dealer of excisable goods registered under central excise law

              ●   any corporate body established under any law

        ◆   Tax will not be charged for those customers who book fruits, vegetables, fish and milk.